A summary of this blog

Hey World!

I am a 3rd year PhD aerospace engineering student/Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Tennessee Space Institute. I’ve been working on my doctoral dissertation for about a year, researching enhanced fuel mixing techniques in supersonic combustion ramjet (scramjet) engines. I provide a little more detail on the ‘techy’ stuff in my research page.

I’ve always been passionate about knowledge and learning in various topics and disciplines (in addition to engineering, I’ve at one time or another majored in counseling, theology and social work). I also hold an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies from the former Philadelphia Biblical University (now Cairn University). Though a major focus of this blog is chronicling my research and dissertation experiences, I also plan to discuss some of my other passions, thoughts and projects (stuff I do to keep me sane while taking breaks from research!!!).

My passions and hobbies include amateur photography, astrophotography, outdoorsy activities (including hiking and climbing), calligraphy, reading, artsy/crafty things, model airplanes, conversations, coffee shop hopping, bookstore browsing and thinking. Yes! I consider thinking to be a hobby. I’m rather eccentric and quirky, with lots of interests in many areas. I think I belong to a class of people called multipotentialites (those whose passions and interests span multiple areas of study). As such, some of the things I think about are synthesizing ideas which seem dissimilar like balancing logical problem solving approaches with intuition and juxtaposing science with faith.

Please feel free to leave comments and questions – feed back is also appreciated 🙂

Welcome to my Blog and I hope you enjoy what I’ve got to share!



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