The Winding Road: A first blog post statement


Dear reader,

Initially I had drafted what I thought was an amazing description of this winding road photo that I took a few weeks ago while taking an evening, mind clearing stroll. I wanted to use the photo, with its winding concrete path and green overhanging foliage to draw an analogy between this photo and the dissertation research process. Haphazardly, I was able to post the photo but did not save any of the text……about 800 words worth of text all gone! But that is life! I like to encourage myself when things like that happen to see such losses as lessons, and opportunities to produce something even better the next time. For what it’s worth I do have a strange fascination with how the strange twists, bends and turns in life often lead it’s travelers on the paths they are destined to travel. I can’t believe that it has been a year and a half since I’ve started my doctoral dissertation research. The time has really flown by! The topic that I started with is still in focus, but in this time I’ve already designed a facility which is being constructed now to do experiments and also my specific area of investigation has changed from what I initially started with. Link in this photo (see above) the path of research (and life) seems confusing and riddled with proverbial foliage, it gets clearer and becomes more deeply understood with more effort and deeper investigation. I think that’s why I’ve always loved research…’s the combination of confusion, curiosity and passion that brings to light amazing discoveries about the world around me, both small discoveries and large ones (although I haven’t really made any large discoveries….and who defines what ‘large’ means anyways).

Happy researching!



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