Can You Choose Intelligence?

An interesting lunch time read on the perception of intelligence. Perhaps intelligence isn’t innate, it could be that society defines it so rigidly and materialistically that many ‘intelligent’ minds are devalued simply because they cannot translate their mental capacities into something that society deems ‘valuable’. Just a thought.

Thought Catalog

I spent most of my life thinking I wasn’t smart because I wasn’t very good at math.

I was pretty polarized throughout my academic life: I was either completely invested and wholeheartedly interested or didn’t care at all. I look back now and see that what I once considered one of my greatest faults was actually, in an odd way, wisdom. I didn’t care about regurgitating information back on a test. At some level, I understood which things I was learning would and wouldn’t apply to my life. I was more interested in a math class in which they taught about bonds and loans and budgeting and investments — real life things — than formulas I knew that I, personally, would never have to use.


The things I enjoyed were the things that made sense to me. Books. English. Writing. Reading. Because this seemed to me the study of existence. You…

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